Welcome to the website for Central Rivers Area Education Agency and Great Prairie Area Education Agency Battle of the Books! Our mission is:

1) to promote a love of reading for both elementary and middle school students.

2) to promote reading through both communication and collaboration.

3) to encourage students to set reading goals.

4) to become inspired by the guest author.

5) to become lifelong readers and to be respectful listeners.

Great Prairie AEA

2017-18 Elementary BOB Date TBD

2017-18 Middle School BOB Date TBD

Fairfield Arts and Convention Center

Central Rivers AEA

2017-18 Elementary BOB April 5, 2018

2017-18 Middle School BOB April 6, 2018

Cedar Falls Conference Center

Featured Author: Katherine Hannigan

Battle of the Books is a collaborative reading competition for readers at the upper elementary and middle school levels. It is designed to enhance student commitment, team building, reading comprehension, and study skills in a fun, informative manner. Teams of up to six students read from a pre-selected list of books. Competition includes written and oral responses.

Follow along online with the hashtags #IEBOB (Elementary BOB) and #IMSBOB (Middle School BOB). You can also follow the Iowa High School BOB with the hashtag #ISHBOB.