Michael Paulding Thomas

"Live life to the fullest, fight for what you believe in, and go down swinging."

About Me

I strive to be a Renaissance Man, a Professional, and a Gentleman. I am a connoisseur of the art of self-Improvement. I am a German-American and support the original principles of America: freedom, liberty, individual rights, free-enterprise and capitalism.

I live a Quantified, Uncluttered, Minimalist, and Simplified, but a High-End Life. The less you have, the more you value it.

I work to sustain a high level of self-esteem, which is derived from living up to my values, principles and beliefs.

My Love & Best Friend

Ayla Baha

Professional photographer, painter and interior designer.

My partner, my best friend, my "Engel" and my love.

She's not only beautiful (obviously) and extremely talented in all things artistry, but she has the personality of an Angel.

Interests & Hobbies

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