What's happening at viewneo?

Find out about new Features, Bugfixes and more.


  • Live Ticker with integrated clock
  • JS Player supports smart playback


  • Now you can see devices in sleep mode, when the timer takes effect, it will be greyed out (Devicelist)
  • viewneo Reports (Beta). Now you can get a detailed error description when content is skipped


  • Media Library: New option in context menu "Jump to folder", it opens the folder where mediafile is located
  • viewneo Reports (Beta) shows all logs of played content (or errors etc.)


  • Zapier Plugin is available now
  • viewneo Reports can be set to enabled and disabled for devices and device groups
  • YouTube quality can be set when creating a content in media library


  • Beta version of device logging function will be available for all users until the release of the final version by the end of this year.
  • Users will be able to see an overview of all playlists and mediafiles that have been played out on their players.
  • This function will only be available for viewneo hardware / players.


  • UI-Changes:
    • Playlist-Icon in media database tree
    • List view in media database is now able to show long mediafile-names
    • Thumbnails of mediafiles are now displayed in 16:9 format
  • Bugs:
    • Content Designer: Text element is now saveable without text (Empty string possible)
    • Playlists are now reloaded, when one is force deleted
    • Users with just API plugin are now able to see dashboard icon on sidebar
    • Alert for deleting multiple playlists is bundled to one, instead of showing an alert for each playlist
    • Duplicated playlist is now nameable in duplicate modal
    • Titles in API-Dashboard show the correct translation now


  • UI-Changes:
    • Playlist icon in media database tree
    • Background-color of websites in preview is now white
    • List view in media database is now able to show long mediafile-names
    • Thumbnails of mediafiles are now displayed in 16:9 format
  • Bugs:
    • Text element now saveable without text (empty string possible)
    • Playlists are now reloaded, when one is force deleted
    • User with just api plugin is now able to see dashboard icon on sidebar
    • Alert for deleting multiple playlists is bundled to one, instead of showing an alert for each playlist
    • Duplicated playlist is now nameable in Duplicate-Modal
    • Titles in API-Dashboard show the correct translation now


  • Now it is possible to add multiple mediafiles to a template with one action
  • Now it is possible again to define read/write permission for shared playlists
  • Now an enterprise admin can set global permission for a sub account
  • Keyboard shortcuts (e.g. copy->paste) is working in media library now


  • Playlists will be displayed (like other media files) in media library
  • New device group gets user's timezone in frontend
  • Selecting media file (when on /playlists, e.g. selecting placeholders for slide) now just selects media file instead of opening preview too
  • Some icons in template designer changed from png to fontello (causing "crazy hover effect")
  • Admin gets redirected to user management after clicking on "back to admin"
  • Loading indicators are now white labeled
  • For fonts with just 1 font_variant, the selection of variant is now hidden


  • Use labels for device groups
  • Content Designer: Collapsible sidebars for enhanced working space
  • Pixabay:
    • Improved highlighting of selected images / videos ("checkmark" icon)
    • Fixed bug in loading bars for media library items
    • Videos are selectable while playback
  • Selecting & Scrolling: Selection of multiple items in media library while scrolling is possible now
  • Moved "user"-icon from the top of the main navigation to sub navigation
  • Moved "dashboard"-icon to top in viewneo Enterprise
  • In case a device is removed from an account, the license will be released immediately. A new device can be registered now. It's not longer necessary to reload the page.
  • Smart playback in playlist preview


  • Content Designer: Websites can be added and scaled within a template or slide now.


  • Pixabay: Free stock images and videos provided by pixabay.com can be used in viewneo since yesterday
  • Hotfix for templates / slides in viewneo Player App for Google Chrome: Templates / slides with RSS, date, end animations and videos did not work in Chrome V 57 and above.
  • Tagging for viewneo Enterprise: The admin of viewneo Enterprise can assign tags and release playlists only for specific client accounts now
  • New workflow for templates: Release is scheduled for wednesday
  • Sharing images, videos and templates / slides to social media accounts: viewneo users will be able to share all content from the media library via social media. The shared content will contain a watermark ("Powered by viewneo.com"). We are planning to release this feature in july.
  • viewneo Enterprise admin can revoke permissions from super user of client account: Release is scheduled for july.
  • viewneo Butler:
    • The usage of the first version of viewneo Butler will be bound to viewneo. The whole configuration of viewneo Butler and accessoires (light bulbs, power sockets etc.) will take place in viewneo.
    • The system will be open source later on. Users will be able to log in at bulter.viewneo.com and manage their devices in a separate cms.


  • Multiselect in media library with "Shift"-Click
  • Added transparency settings for images in Content Designer
  • Videos can be used immediately after upload to media library without being forced to reload the page
  • Fixed a bug that caused that the user was navigated to the root of the media library after closing a template / slide
  • Bugfix of strange behavior of items in playlists that were selected with "Shift"-click
  • Nested playlists: Nested playlists can be called and edited via right click in context menu
  • Improved, larger scrollbars for better usablity


  • Smart playlists will be released today or tomorrow
  • New workflow for templates / slides will be released
    • New users will be able to create and use slides, the template feature will be exclusive.
    • There will be an extra plugin for templates (which the user can use to create and change multiple slides with master templates).
    • For existing accounts, the template feature will be included like before.


  • Google Fonts:
    • Released since last week. Available for all player and devices except Google Chrome.
    • viewneo Player App for Chrome will be updated within this week.
  • viewneo Instagram / viewneo Active Plugin: Both plugins are available in our online shop now.
  • New workflow for templates / slides:
    • The user will only be able to create content (called "slides") instead of templates
    • Existing users will keep the template feature
    • One template (=master) for each slide, which can be edited by clicking right "Edit template"
    • Contents / slides can be duplicated directly in the media library
    • Placeholders will be removed: Instead of this, the user will have the option of turning assets (images / videos etc.) to "is changeable".


  • viewneo Active & Instagram: Will be released next week
  • Google Fonts: Release candidate for next wednesday
  • Sharing playlists: Feature is available now
  • viewneo Enterprise: Advanced user permissions & file/folder sharing (will be released in may)
    • Ein Enterprise Admin kann dem SuperUser eines Sub-Accounts Rechte entziehen. Aktuell ist es so, dass ein SuperUser im Sub-Account volle Rechte hat.
    • The admin of a viewneo Enterprise account will be able to revoke rights of a client account.
    • File sharing: By now, files can only be copied from public folder to the user's account. In the future, the user will be able to use files directly from public content.
  • Grouping or tagging for viewneo Enterprise


  • Improved overall stabillity and performance of the system
  • Lists in dropdown are now sorted alphabetically
  • Improved loading speed for thumbnails


New features

  • It´s possible to delete your account from within the user settings
  • We offer a trial option for viewneo Enterprise or Business now

UX changes

  • Added useful information to several viewneo pages
  • The user is now welcomed by a home screen after login
  • Improved overall performance of mediaFile-library
  • Implemented endless scrolling mechanism in media-file-library

Changes in viewneo editions

  • viewneo Free has 5GB cloud storage
  • viewneo Professional has 250GB cloud storage
  • viewneo Business has 2TB cloud storage
  • viewneo Enterprise has unlimited cloud storage
  • viewneo Business and Enterprise administrators can configure the quota for their client accounts
  • The maximum storage for a client account is 250GB

Bug fixes

  • Fixed access to the public folder