World Race

please check the main Parent ministry landing page for additional updated information, including covid-19 planning, emergency lines, etc.


The World Race is an amazing adventure. We’ve seen incredible transformations in the lives of young men and women who choose to face the hardships, the joys, the growth, the community and the discipleship of the Race. It is also a journey for you as parents. You may have questions or fears or concerns. We want you to get to know us. We want you to have a glimpse into how and why we do what we do. We want you to hear our heart for your sons and daughters. You may have spent their lives praying that they would grow up and wholeheartedly follow Jesus. They may be ready to implement at a new level the trust you have talked about and modeled. Or they may sense a pilgrimage related to their destiny. You are a part of them being here. And they want your support.

You may find yourselves being stretched. Parenting adult children can be a wonderful challenge. You may need to trust at a new level. Or let go in new ways. In the process, you will find a community in the parents of other World Racers and you’ll find that the Lord wants to do new things in you as well as in your Racer.

Start by reading through the Parent Guide. It will give you some of the “big picture” of the World Race as well as answer a lot of the most common questions. You’ll discover that we have a full-fledged ministry to you as World Race parents – ways for you to connect to each other and to us, and opportunities for your Racer to invite you into the process. Watch our Safety Protocols Video for information about our risk management and communication protocols. As the Parent Liaison I’m also happy to talk with you about the Race. In the meantime, to hear some words of encouragement from a WR mom click here. Dads, check out thoughts from a WR dad here.

In Him,

Betty Means

(770) 744-4542

WORLD RACE PARENTS - You can find our Racer Health and Safety plan here. This outlines the preparations we have been taking and the protocols we had in place for your Racers on campus this fall.

You can find our on field Covid plan (and information for the January 2021 international launch) here.

You can find details about the international insurance plan at the Insurance and Safety Information here - and through the link at the top of this page. We have been able to add international Covid coverage for the Racers. You can find information on that here.

Due to the constantly changing regulations and conditions related to COVID-19 - both in the U.S. and around the world - some of the standard information found on this resource site may not apply. we are communicating adaptations to individual trips to all interested participants as we have information, but we are unable to keep this site completely up to date due to how quickly things are changing. Contact Betty Means with specific questions.


We hope you find this page helpful as you begin to navigate your journey as a World Race parent. There's a lot of information in the Parent Guide, but we know you may be eagerly awaiting information about three things in particular.

Parent Facebook Group

Invitations for you will be sent shortly before your Racer's Training Camp. If you have not received an invite by the time your Racer has finished Training Camp, please notify For more info, click here.

Parent Launch

Registration information (including location and schedule) will be sent at the end of their Training Camp. Please do not book travel until you have that information. For more info (including a video), click here.

Parent Vision Trips

This is a chance for your Racer to invite you out on the field with them for 5 days while they are on the World Race. Official invites to the Racers typically go out around month 4 of the 11 month routes, and around month 2 for the 9 month routes. For more info (including a video), click here.

emergency line number:

This number is only for getting emergency messages to participants on the field.


B E T T Y M E A N S 7 7 0 . 7 4 4 . 4 5 4 2

A D V E N T U R E S I N M I S S I O N S 7 7 0 . 9 8 3 . 1 0 6 0

EMERGENCY LINE (to get emergency messages to participants) 877.356.9266