Global U

Global U PARENT,

Welcome to our newest World Race program!

Launching in September 2019, Global U is a new 9-month overseas educational and discipleship program designed for 18-23 year olds with a strong entrepreneurial drive and a desire to work toward IT certifications. They can be alumni of other WR programs, but that is not required. They will be mentored in IT, leadership and discipleship. For more information about the overall program, click here.

Like our other World Race programs, Global U will be an amazing adventure that combines growth, community and discipleship. The program leadership who will be mentoring and guiding Global U are committed to making a significant difference in their lives. You can find more about them on the Global U web page linked to above.

It is also a journey for you as parents - especially if you’ve never said “good bye” for this long of a trip. We want you to get to know us. We want you to have a glimpse into how and why we do what we do. We want you to hear our heart for your sons and daughters.

Read through the Parent Guide (click on the button above for a downloadable copy). It will give you some information about the ministry side of Global U and Adventures in Missions. And it will answer some of your questions about the educational side as well. Let us know what other information would be helpful.

Check out the Reviews and Other Resources (click on the button above). While Global U is a new program, we have a number of testimonies about our other programs and a list of resources that do apply to you as Global U parents.

As part of our inaugural group of parents, we’ll be relying on you to let us know what you need. We’re excited to be walking with you in this journey and look forward to connecting more throughout the coming year.

As the Parent Liaison I’m also happy to talk with you about Adventures in Missions. In the meantime, to hear some words of encouragement from a WR mom click here. While there are some significant differences between World Race and Global U, our heart for your sons and daughters is the same.

In Him,

Betty Means

(770) 744-4542


We hope you find this page helpful as you begin to navigate your journey as a Global U parent. There's a lot of information in the Parent Guide, but we know you may be eagerly awaiting information about three things in particular.

Parent Facebook Group

Invitations for you will be sent before your student leaves for the field. If you have not received an invite by the time your student has left, please notify For more info, click here. PLEASE NOTE: The Global U Parent FB group will be governed by the same standards as the World Race and World Race Gap Year. The language in the link refers to Racers but applies to your students as well.

Parent Vision Trips -

The Global U team hopes to have a Parent Vision Trip toward the end of the year - a chance for you to see your students and see first hand the work they've doing on their projects. Plans for this will be communicated once they are in place.

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