Volunteer WITH US


We're so excited you are interested in serving alongside us! If you see any volunteer opportunities that you are interested in, please email parentministry@adventures.org. *Keep in mind, you can only volunteer at events where your son or daughter is not participating.


World Race Launch Volunteer

Serve as "host" and answer questions from new parents.

Training Camp Serve Team

Assist in the logistical moving pieces and behind the scenes needs of training camp (plus you can listen to some of the teachings and get to hang out with Racers, alumni Racers and Adventures staff).


Parent Vision Trip Facilitator

Lead or assist with Parent Vision Trips.

Man Hike

Hike alongside World Race men at training camp, sharing insight into faith and practice as well as encouraging them to grow as men of God.

Lead Short Term Mission Trips

Every year we send short term (1-2 week) teams to both domestic and international locations. These include youth, family, adult, church group, relief efforts and more. If you would like to know more about leading one of our trips, contact Kelley Grunewald (kelleygrunewald@adventures.org).


World Race Parent Phone Caller

Call prospective and/or current World Race parents to help answer their questions and share your experiences.

Regional Gathering Host

Host other WR parents in your home or a nearby venue for the purpose of building relationships and sharing your lives together.

Parent Navigator

Encourage a particular group of World Race or Gap Year parents on Facebook pages as they navigate their Racer's journey and their own journey.

WR & WR Gap Year Squad Coaches

Serve together as a married couple and hold a pastoral role for a World Race Squad; provide spiritual supervision and direction to the Squad by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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