ESOL Exam Information

Welcome to the Exams Information page.

This page will tell you everything you need to know about preparing for your Exam Day, how to check your results and accessing Post result services

Most Exams usually take place at our Brockley Rise Centre.

Things to remember on the Exam Day..

Arrive 30 minutes before the start of the Exam

Make sure you know the location of the Centre

Make sure to bring your ID

Please turn off your mobile phone and any electronic devices before entering the Examination Hall

Exam Skills: 5 tips to help you with speaking exams

Exam Skills: 4 tips for listening exams

ESOL Reading Results for December 2019 are out and our learners hard work has paid off.

If you would like to view your results, please click on the button below

ESOL Reading Result 2019

You can challenge the result of an Exam, if you think it’s wrong

All enquiries must be made through the Exams Officer within 15 working days of receiving your results.

You can email Anne at and provide the following information:



Date of Examination



The English Speaking Board will notify the Exams officer with the result of your enquiry within 15 working days of receipt of it.

Exam Dates 19-20

ESOL S&L 30-Mar-19

ESOL S&L 31-Mar-19

ESOL S&L 01-Apr-19

ESOL S&L 02-Apr-19