Services overview


The company has built and is expanding its private IP contribution network to deliver linear TV stations to operators more efficiently and cost effectively. With several major TV stations already using AIP, we provide consistently high service level for TV station and On-Demand content delivery.

With hosted platforms in Lausanne, Paris, Munich and Zurich and POPs in Amsterdam, London, Vienna or Milan, we are a partner that thoroughly understands IP networks, but also digital TV, IPTV, media delivery and streaming.

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The company started to work on Digital TV Ad Insertion in 2007. Since then, we have developed our own software solution and are constantly adding new TV stations. A number of these are sports and news stations that need to handle frequent last minute changes to start time, duration, cancellation of ad breaks throughout their programming day.

Digital TV Ad Insertion is our core business and we have the full view on the whole chain.

Our dedicated and highly experienced team can launch a project - from concept to launch - in just a few weeks. We serve not only the European and North American markets but can provide a range of regionally specific management solutions.

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We have been providing Ad Insertion services on broadcast since 2007 and OTT services to operators since 2012. This is why we are actively working to merge our two areas of competence and expertise by providing OTT server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion services.

We are proud to launch this new service in 2016, allowing TV stations and content providers to monetize their linear ad breaks not only for broadcast but also when TV channels are viewed online using streaming services to connected devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, TV, HDMI dongles and set top boxes.

Our solution also enables VOD providers to monetize their content using server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion and Ad Stitching.

As we provide server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion services and solutions for OTT, we can reach all kinds of devices with highly targeted features.

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As a logic extension of our services and to ensure a high level of quality to ads and content we are inserting in our platform, we provide file-to-file transcoding and delivery services.

Via our Web portal interface, we are able to manage file transcoding needs as well as the complete workflow for ad delivery for advertisers, media agencies, ad sales houses, production companies, TV stations.

The platform provides a robust and fully-redundant, multiple-site, cloud-based service.

If you would like to know more about our pricing and services, or if you are a broadcaster or publisher that would like to add your specification to our platform free of charge, don't hesitate to contact us - just send us your specification and you'll be added for free!


We have one of the biggest OTT head-ends in Europe running more than 30 encoders and managing more than 300 active channels for customers. Our head-end is built using only first-tier providers and equipment, and is monitored 24/7.

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