The Ad Scheduler is a digital TV booking application that allows ad sales houses, operators, and TV stations to manage their TV campaigns.

Our solution integrates the entire booking process from the management of the ad break inventory up to the creation of the final ad break playlist sent to servers for playout.

Some features:

• Multi-account management

• Multi-sales management

• Ad campaign management

• Spot management

• Automatic or manual ad playlist generation

• Visual duration control

• As-Run log reconciliation

• Report generation

• ...


DAI Connect is a server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion solution dedicated to Live TV, Live Events and VOD. This is the perfect choice to enable Ad stitching on your video platform.

Our cloud based service platform works as a plug-in that can be easily integrated in the existing customer's platform and enable server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion for all kind of contents and live streaming. There's no need to change the CDN, the CMS, the ad server or the player or any other major infrastructure component. Our solution was designed to absolutely minimize the integration effort.

Of course, DAI Connect is fully compliant with all VAST ad servers.

Customers using DAI Connect are able to cleverly by-pass ad blockers and increase the monetization of live and VOD content.

Another significant benefit ... DAI Connect enables monetization on virtually all devices, such SmartTVs and connected streaming devices like AppleTV or Roku.

If you need more information or a demonstration, please feel free to contact us.


AIP Workflow Manager provides a complete software platform able to manage the workflow, for easy and efficient Ad Insertion and / or content localization. The solution works perfectly for the North American market but also includes specific features for European TV channels.

AIP Workflow Manager allows operators and TV channels to fully and easily manage complex workflows for all actors involved in the insertion process including TV stations, ad sales houses, external or internal encoding teams, technical and support teams, and media audience measurement teams.