We know that the journey from an Idea to Success, although rewarding, is a strenuous one. Filled with frenetic questioning, chaos and risk taking. Our goal is to bring answers to your questions, structure to chaos and as a result help you mitigate risk.

The technical and entrepreneurial expertise of Silicon Valley, the USA, matched with African know-how.

Launch. Boost. Grow.

Reinforcing the fundamentals of entrepreneurship through active online learning, peer to peer interactions and mentorship.


LAUNCH. You are just out of the starting blocks with your product and still need to firmly validate your product and further research the market.


BOOST. Your product is taking shape, you have a validated prototype and look for support to finetune some of the product strategies as well as your business’ financials.


GROW. You are confident about your product and look for further insights on how to solidify your financial modeling and business operations.

Our program covers these three phases through a series of modules that will help you in your journey from Idea to Success. Each module covers one or more of these phases and is color coded to help you choose the modules you need based on where you are in your journey.


Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a product or a service? Are you interested in innovative new technology? Maybe you're in the idea phase, or your enterprise is already generating revenue. Is your enterprise ready for support from investors?

How can you make sure that your product responds to market demand? How do you ensure it is well designed and developed? Is your business management strategy on point?

Take your startup to the next level with our high quality technical training that prepares you for the international market: Launch, boost, or grow your business.


Our workshops are assisted by our community of experts who will be available to respond to your questions and guide your journey from theory to practice.

Our mentors are seasoned professionals who provide valuable understandings of business and many technological domains. We have mentors equipped with demonstrated expertise in the following domains:

Marketing & Sales

Product Development


Business Development


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Our mentors are selected from world class talents from around the world.

Want to get involved? Our mentors are part of an unparalleled community, an international network full of exchange opportunities and unique development. Contact us at entrepreneuriat@adeiinstitute.org if you're interested in becoming a mentor.

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