Historic Addyston

Located approximately 10 miles west of downtown Cincinnati on the Ohio River, Addyston is a friendly community of about 1,000 residents, founded in 1891 by Matthew Addy.

Addyston Village Council first met on Wednesday, September 2nd, 1891. The first meeting of council dealt with organization laws that had to be passed in order for Addyston to become a legal village and control the growing population.

The 1900 census shows there were many Kentuckyians and other southerners who came to work in the Pipe Foundry. Also in the census were Indianaians, Ohioans, people from England, Germany plus the Irish left over from the canal building.

Immediate needs were a school, churches, and places of business. The Burr Oak school was built in 1875 to provide for surrounding farm children and Addyston children.

The west end of the village was the main business district. There were two large brick buildings, designed by John Boll. The brick buildings, one of which is still in use, were actually built before Addyston became a village. There were many grocery stores each with its own stables as was Diller's pharmacy. There was also a smithy, a cobbler, clothing stores, stables, and barber shops.

The east end business district was First Street, sometimes referred to as Front Street. Here there were several grocery stores, a large hotel and bar, a confectionary, and a Feed and Grain store. In 1891, Peter Wycoff's lumber mill was on the creek at the north end of First Street.

For a complete and extensive history of Addyston, Please refer to - 'Diary of an Historic Village' by Peg and Ray Sisson.

Historic Mayor's Court

MARCH 30, 1909

Did unlawfully engage in barbering on Sunday contrary to the form of statutes. Fined 15 dollars and cost. Committed to work house at rate of 60 cents per day until it equaled the fine and cost.

John M. Diller, Mayor

APRIL, 1894

Did unlawfully ride a horse faster than 6 miles per hour contrary to the Ordinance of the Village of Addyston. Fined $1.00 and costs.

J. M. Diller, Mayor

MARCH, 1912

Did gamble a bet of 25 cents on a game of box ball in the Brick Building used as a saloon by Hay and McFarland. Fine $10.00 and costs.

Mayor Shane

Did you know

The Sekitan post office opened in 1885 and was the first post office in the area. Thomas B. Williams, who ran a general store in "Coal City" was the first postmaster.

The name "Coal City" originated from the large coal trade that sprang up here around 1870. Coal City became incorporated by Addyston in 1891 and the Sekitan post office remained open until 1933.

The Addyston post office was established in 1889 with George W. Benjamin as the first postmaster. The post office was in at least 3 locations. Just north of Ryon's grocery on First Street, and then two doors down from there, and finally located at 111 Main Street.

The current post office was once a barber shop, pool hall, restaurant, and bakery.