Important Notice: The Blackpool Fulfilling Lives (BFL) project is now closed

BFL completed its planned seven year long journey on 31/03/2021

Many thanks to everyone who supported us!

If you are looking for local help and information please visit:

Blackpool Fulfilling Lives

Helping people with multiple disadvantage to lead more fulfilled and productive lives.

Blackpool is one of 12 areas in England receiving Big Lottery funding to support people with multiple disadvantage as part of the national Fulfilling Lives Programme. Our aim is to present and evidence more effective ways of delivering vital services to people with Multiple Disadvantage.

This will effect the necessary systematic change so people with MD do not feel disadvantaged in any way by the added complexity of their lives.

We help people living in Blackpool who have a combination of issues including homelessness, re-offending, problematic substance misuse, and mental ill health. Many of the Navigators that comprise our staff teams have a background of lived experience that provides understanding, empathy and insight.

This video was shown to attendees at the 'System Change 2 Years On' event held at Blackpool Winter Gardens - 25/02/2020.

It was filmed as an intro to the BFL project and also shows System Change at work, implemented by the Blackpool DWP team.

Many thanks to Heather, Yvonne and Shannon for their dedication to the System Change model and their fantastic contribution to February's multi-agency event.

The Value of Lived Experience

Our Lived Experience Team Manager Nicola Plumb explains the why the voices of those with multiple disadvantage are vital in working to create System Change

System Change Event - 07/02/2019

Our working definition of System Change from an event hosted at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool, during February 2019

Volunteering with BFL

Our fantastic volunteer, Sarah, shares her thoughts and experiences about working within the project

Leesa & Kelly - Navigating Together

The work of our Navigators and Kelly's journey towards a better life

Who We Are

Our structure, funding and links to other Fulfilling Projects across the UK

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What We Do

We help people with very chaotic lifestyles to live more fulfilling and productive lives

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How we do it

Our teams of Navigators engage people with multiple disadvantage and help them to access services.

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How you can get involved

Volunteers are fundamental to the success of the BFL programme. We want people who are passionate about supporting the people we work with.

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