World Language Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Legacy High School World Language Department is the development of fluency and communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing while promoting an understanding of diverse cultures.

World Language Department Vision


The Legacy High School World Language Department recognizes the importance of cultural literacy, therefore students in World Language classes will

• develop cultural appreciation and acceptance of diversity among students, staff and community

• experience foreign travel

• participate in cultural exchanges by hosting foreign students and/or studying abroad


The Legacy High School World Language Department operates on the principle that a quality staff creates a quality school, therefore the World Language staff will

• continue professional development and education

• collaborate with peers and community

• maintain open communication among staff

• be capable and willing to teach levels 1 through AP


The Legacy High School World Language Department recognizes the importance of literacy and communication skills, therefore the curriculum will

• improve literacy in both English and the foreign language(s)

• provide a basis for developing a proficient formation in language ability

• identify essential content based on district and state standards

• foster effective communication with other students

• maintain high expectations through the use of common assessments


The World Language Department values partnerships with its extended community. These partnerships will

• create better world and community citizens through collaboration

• promote student involvement with clubs and the International Festival

• create communication with parents and community

• be welcoming and inviting