Mrs. Slovacek's Science Classroom

About Me

I have been teaching science for 8 years! I have taught Biology, CP Biology, Chemistry, Forensics, and Physical Science.

I am a graduate of Legacy High School! After high school, I went to CSU and got my bachelors degree in Health and Exercise Science. Then, I got my Master's degree in Secondary Education.

I'm excited to continue my education with you daily!

Contact Information


Phone: (720) 972-6818

Office: A118


  • Period 1: CP Biology-D103
  • Period 2: Forensics-A107
  • Period 3: Off-A118
  • Period 4: Off-A118
  • Period 5: CP Biology-D103
  • Period 6: Lunch-A118
  • Period 7: CP Biology-D103
  • Period 8: CP Biology-D103

Academic Support: D103

Bell Schedule: