Cyclones 7th Grade Social Studies

Week of Sept. 3-6

Monday - No School

Tuesday - Google Classroom #6 - Article Reading and Video Notes for Mesopotamia: From Nomads to Farmers; Chapter 5 preview on Google Classroom #7; Features of a Civilization sheet

Wednesday - Friday - Work on Chapter 5 Notes in Google Classroom #7 and #8

Week of August 26-30

Monday - Time to complete Island Country assignment - if not finished must take it home and bring back by Wednesday!

Tuesday - Begin Assyrian Empire Mapping Lab and continue

Wednesday - Mapping lab

Thursday - Mesopotamia Video and Worksheet

Friday - Assyrian Empire Mapping Lab Test

Week of August 19-23

Almost EVERY assignment throughout the year is found in Google Classroom. Specific information, links, video clips, exemplars and more are all in Google Classroom. Classroom Codes are as follows...

Period 1 - w3xdoj

Period 2 - 82hr3uh

Period 5 - yff5kzh

Period 6 - 8h80b7

Monday - Geography and Mapping Using Chapter 2 Reading and Note catcher

Tuesday - Thematic Maps and Notes

Wednesday - Thematic Maps and Notes

Thursday and Friday - Create an Island Country assignment