SOAR Requirements

SOAR Honors Program - SOAR Standing System

The SOAR Honors program will be moving to an evaluation of student standing (instead of continuing with our probation procedures).

SOARing Hawk - Excellent Standing (All required)

*SOAR students with Excellent Standing all four years will graduate with SOAR Distinction.

3.25 GPA or higher

Documented required hours of community service

(9th=10, 10th=15, 11th=20, 12th=25) - Community Service Form - click here

Enrolled AP/Rigorous classes (on track to meet the 3 required)

Participation in and documentation of at least one extracurricular activity

Outstanding behavior exhibiting PRIDE (No behavior incidents reported)

Documented Experiential Learning/Leadership/Civic Engagement - Provided by SOAR (ropes course, college visits, or other SOAR arranged field trip or events) or individually arranged (Job Shadows, Conference, Internships, College Visits, Leadership Position, Youth Counsel, or otherwise approved by instructor)

Gliding Hawk - Fair Standing

(GPA status required, plus meet 4 of the 5 below)

*If a member has only a Fair Standing for 4 or more semesters, member will not graduate with SOAR distinction but will continue in the program and the SOAR semester class.

3.0-3.24 GPA

Missing less than 10% of community service hours (9th=-1 hour, 10th=-1.5, 11th=-2, 12=-2.5)

Limited enrollment in rigorous and/or AP classes

Limited participation in extracurricular activity

Exhibits PRIDE (One behavior incident reported)

Limited participation in Experiential Learning/Leadership/Civic Engagement

Swooping Hawk - Low Standing

*If a member has Low Standing for 4 or more semesters, member will be considered for removal from the program.

Below a 3.0 GPA

Missing 20% or more of required community service

Not taking rigorous or AP classes

Not participating in an extracurricular activity

Not exhibiting the aspects of PRIDE

Does not participate in Experiential Learning/Leadership/Civic Engagement

The SOAR ePortfolio and Infinite Campus will be used to assess SOAR Member Standing each semester.

*An incomplete ePortfolio may result in a lower standing.

SOAR Member Standing/Evaluation System