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Marketing for Campsites

ADAC: The leading camping brand in Europe

Boasting decades of experience and unbiased, independent ADAC inspectors, ADAC is the premium choice when planning a camping holiday. Whether it's print, via the app, or online. ADAC instills deep trust in its users.

High-quality target groups paired with modern advertising formats and guaranteed performance. ADAC's marketing packages for campsites have never been more relevant.




ADAC | PiNCAMP Marketing Packages

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Your contacts:

For Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

Amin Ahcene: +49 30 21782476 |

For Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Anne-Sophie Zunino: +49 30 21782475 |

For Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and United Kingdom.

Kerstin Thomsen: +49 30 21782180 |

For Greece, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Latvia, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Russia, Macedonia, Andorra and Malta

Pierpaolo Sica: +49 30 21782408 |