Attending class regularly and being on time have a direct effect on a student’s success in meeting course requirements for high school graduation. Parents are requested to encourage students to attend school punctually everyday unless they are truly ill, and to schedule vacations during student non-attendance days.


If your student will be absent from school all day please notify the Attendance Office as soon as possible at 257-7344. Please leave the following information: Your student’s name (spelling it clearly), your relationship to the student, the reason for the absence, and the date of absence.

Similarly, if your student will be arriving at school late, leaving early, or missing any portion of the day, please notifiy the Attendance Office at 257-7344. Please include the approximate time your student will be arriving. If they are leaving, tell us the time they are leaving and if they are returning let us know the approximate time the student is returning. If they are not returning, let us know that as well. Please remind your student to pick up a blue excused absence slip attendance office during break, lunch or a passing period. If your student is returning to campus they must sign back in at the attendance counter with their blue absence slip.


High School students must attend a minimum of _____ periods to be eligible for participation in any school sponsored activity for that day or a weekend event such as Prom, athletic competitions, drama events, etc.


Amador High School is a closed campus. Students must check out through the Attendance Office before leaving the school grounds.

An auto-dial message goes out each night as a parent reminder for students who have not been excused prior to the office closing each day or who have been tardy to one or more classes. This message includes our phone number to call and report the reason for your student’s absence. If students are not excused within the 48 hours of their return to school, the Attendance Office will refer the student to an administrator for clearance.

Please help us by calling to excuse your student’s absence or departure from school promptly. We want to make sure your student’s attendance is properly recorded every day.

Absence Policy
Tardy Policy