Omega Gamma is a Chapter of SDP, the Spanish Honor Society at ACU - dedicated to academic excellence, a love of the Spanish language, and service to our community. 

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SIGMA DELTA PI  is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies 

For more information about Omega Gamma, contact adviser: Dr. Beatriz Alem Walker at, or for general information on SDP check

Spanías Didágei Proágomen- Prosigamos bajo la Inspiración de España

Our Chapel on the Hill wore the colors of Sigma Delta Pi on April 11th, as Omega Gamma celebrated another Initiation/Graduation ceremony for our Spanish Honor students. We had a Chapel full of students, parents, professors, even some grandparents!!! Our speaker was Professor Alejandro Ezquerra, who delivered a wonderful bilingual presentation. We received four new members, we handed eight graduation cords. We partnered with ATEMS [Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math and Science] where profesora Tana Palafox encouraged her students to publish poetry in Spanish in our ACU Spanish Journal Hispaniola. What a wonderful way to promote Spanish and to encourage these highschool students to join us at ACU. We honored profesora Palafox, we honored our friend Dr. Ron Morgan [History Department] for the support he's given us through the years. We honored our Calligraphy Lady, Brenda Baker, for years of service. Finally, Dr. Walker said good-bye to advising SDP_Omega Gamma, since she will be retiring in a couple of semesters. A wonderful celebration!!! 

           Una noche con muchos abrazos!!!

President, Erika Rodriguez and Historian, Parker Carson were our MC's. They are heading to postgraduate work for Museum History and Medicine. Our secretary, Emily McDonald is heading to Law School with a full tuition scholarship. "I am a proud SDP mama"!!!

Es con mucho amor y alegría que he ejercido de mentora y guía de nuestros estudiantes de Honor. Y es con mucha alegría que cierro este capítulo, pero también con mucho orgullo [del sano orgullo]. 

Thank you to all who worked with us along the years. Spanías Didágei Proágomen

Omega Gamma 2022-2023


Our tphoto at Jacob's Ladder continues to be our tradition. We have about 18 members of SDP still con campus, but we were happy to have half of them honor our request for a photo!

Also we have great officers (here wearing an SDP-Omega Gamma shirt): Presidenta- Erika Rodriguez, Historiador- Parker Carson, Comunicaciones- Bre Poncho y Secretaria- Emily McDonald.

Stay tuned...there's more to come!!

Omega Gamma- Initiation/Graduation Ceremony Fall 2022

Fall 2022-We celebrated our Hispanidad with a great Noche de Tapas. Great speaker, Ashlen Pamplin Planes talked about her Pamplona ancestry. We had horchata, chorizo andaluz, papas bravas, buñuelos, empanadas and various traditional tapas. 

Fall 2021- We had our first post-pandemic Induction Ceremony inside. We went back to our tradition of having great speakers, and a great celebration. This time, Dr. John Boyles delivered a wonderful message about our Sigma Delta Pi history. We received six new members (with one missing on this photo).

Spring 2022- We held our Induction ceremony at the ACU campus in Abilene, Texas on ZOOM with our Study Abroad campus in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Eleven students joined us in the Spring. We had a great message delivered by Dr. Diego Bravo, director of the ACU campus in Montevideo. We also had all our traditions, SDP cake, carnations and at the ACU campus we handed the graduation Honor Cords to 5 graduating members.

HISPANIOLA: ACU's Spanish Journal publishes original work in Spanish: poetry, short stories, essays. Students are encouraged to be creative in their second language. The Journal has been published for seven years, every Spring, with the support of the Department of Language and Literature and the Student Government Assoc. and sponsored by SDP- Omega Gamma. Hispaniola has brought a lot of enthusiasm among our students and attention to our Spanish program. Our front page has been designed by illustrious alumnus, artist Rolando Díaz.

2021-2022 Omega Gamma Team: President- Ashlen Pamplin, Vice President- Spencer Liles, Secretary-Erin McLeod, Historian-Ailin Ortega and Comm. Officer- Erika Rodriguez. Coming back from three semesters of Covid 19 pandemic, our officers did a great job to connect us back to the campus and the community, along with adviser Dr. Bea Walker.  Below right, collaborating with Hispanos Unidos, an interest group on campus, in the celebration of Entra a la Plaza.

ACUFEST- Fall /2021- Welcoming our students back to campus after the terrible pandemic for the first time in our big stadium where all student organizations were represented. SDP-Omega Gamma was present! Our new officers: President- Ashlen Pamplin, Vicepresident- Spencer Liles, Historian- Ailin Ortega, Secretary- Erin McLeod, [ Comm Officer- Erika Rodriguez] were there to gift students our promotional bags with our logo, brochure about Sigma Delta Pi, candy and a copy of Hispaniola, ACU's Spanish Journal [sponsored by Omega Gamma and the Student Government Association]. 

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Fall 2021: SDP-Omega Gamma in partnership with the Abilene Public Library put together a great night of celebration during ArtWalk. Librarian and friend, Janet Bailey, counted over 90 people in our audience. Thank you to Dr. Omar Palafox for his wonderful delivery of the history of HHM, to Dr. Ron Morgan for your support always, to Ballet Folklorico of Abilene and special thanks to our fantastic officers who acted as MCs and greeters. Fue una noche especial para celebrar nuestra Hispanidad!

Sigma Delta Pi-Omega Gamma helping International Rescue Committee

Responding to a request from IRC, Omega Gamma organized a donation's drive during the month of October. They needed toiletries for newly arrived refugees. A total of three bins filled to the brim were brought over to the IRC office in Abilene, Texas, where Pam Sullivan and Charles Arnold were very happy to receive them. Omega Gamma making a difference in our community!!! Fall 2021

Through the years we have collaborated with the International Rescue Committee office, here in Abilene, several times. Usually conducting drives to help their refugees.  Here professor Heidi Nobles, Briana Burton-President of OG (2011-2012), President of ACU for IRC, local IRC director of Community Outreach, and Dr. Bea Walker (ACU).

Sigma Delta Pi-Omega Gamma celebrates its 10th Anniversary on the Abilene Christian University campus with a special video

Centennial Celebration.....Centennial Celebration.....Centennial Celebration.....Centennial Celebration.....Centennial Celebration

Celebrating 100 years of Sigma Delta Pi National! In 2019 we celebrated SDP's 100 birthday at The Grace Museum. Omega Gamma presented a Night of Poetry, with the guitar of professor Dan Mitchell playing beautiful Spanish songs, our traditional cake and a new volume of Hispaniola. We reached the 100 person mark in attendance. Our officer team did a great job, along with the support of OG's adviser. President: Magda Rodriguez and officers...Yesenia, Madeleine, Erin, Shay and Angela here at the official table with our Don Quijote and Sancho always present. Special thanks go to The Grace for their support always!!! 

Sigma Delta Pi Centennial Celebration: Special thanks go to our MC for the Centennial celebration, Dr. Stephen Moore! During our Centennial celebration we also honored Dr. John Willis and wife Evelyn Willis for their service to International students along the years.

Centennial Celebration.....Centennial Celebration.....Centennial Celebration.....Centennial Celebration.....Centennial Celebration

                     Entra a la Plaza

(From Left) SDP Secretary Shaden Lopez, Event Coordinator Gema Perez, Vice President Natalie Neill, and Historian Sofia Ramirez volunteering at Entra a la Plaza, an event for Hispanic Heritage Month. We love Hispanos Unidos! 

Our 2020-2021 officers : 

Our chapter is led by Dr. Beatriz Alem-Walker as faculty adviser. 

Omega Gamma Tradition...for the last few years we have tried to keep up with our tradition of taking a photo with the new members, Spanish Honor students,  each year at Jacob's Ladder, one of Abilene Christian University's campus iconic sculptures.  Here are a few examples.

Seamos amables unos con otros...Let's be kind to one another

Omega Gamma led this campaign for a few semesters, honoring our ACU Police, ACU Maintenance Crew, Abilene Firefighters...with baskets full of goodies, and homemade cookies made by our own officers, our Spanish Honor students!

SDP- Omega Gamma at Work

Through the years we have worked to promote Spanish language and Hispanic cultures while at the same time providing services within our campus and in the community of Abilene. We always organize our work around the table, usually topped with pizza! Every year a different set of officers, all of them have been dedicated, hard working and most of all in love with Spanish language and cultures. Our honor students have organized Literary Nights, have translated documents for the  Texas Parent/Teacher Association, Christian Homes of Abilene, Abilene Christian University's Medical Clinic, ACU's Marriage and Family Institute, ACU's Speech Pathology Clinic. They have translated a whole exhibit for The Grace Museum. We have collaborated with other Departments, and with other colleagues within the University.  We have collaborated with the Abilene Public Library, on several occasions and with The Grace Museum also on several occasions. We have supported the International Rescue Committee for many years, winning a grant from the Association of College Honor Societies that benefited both OG and IRC....

Many colleagues from different Colleges and Departments have helped us celebrate along the years by being MC', Speakers or with their presence at our events: Dr. Ron Morgan, Professor Al Hailey, Dr. Doug Foster,  Dr. Robert Rhodes, Elena Rhodes, Dr. John Boyles, Dr. Gary Green, Theresa Seckler, Dr. Pat Hernandez, Ted and Ellen Presley, Dr. Steven Moore, Jonathan Storment, Dr. Cole Bennet, Diana Taylor, Dr. Omar Palafox,  the Spanish faculty at ACU and many all MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!!! And the collaborations continue...

SDP -Omega Gamma and Ten Years of great speakers, wonderful ceremonies, and a lot of work that has brought attention to our Spanish Program at ACU.

Coffee and Conversation: An evening for asking spiritual questions, with Randy Harris and John Boyles. Sponsored by Omega Gamma

Spanish Texas: Legend and Legacy- In 2017, The Grace Museum, our largest museum in Abilene, asked us to translate the information for each one of the paintings in the exhibit Spanish Texas...Our Honor students did a great job and our adviser edited all work. We were also invited to the opening night. Omega Gamma helping the community through experiential learning. 

Abilene Public Library and Omega Gamma Collaborations: Through the years OG has held several Bilingual Reading Nights at the City's Library. These events are open to the public and it is a great practice for our Spanish Honor Students!

In Memoriam

Truly devastating news! Alumnus Paloma Cavazos, former SDP-Omega Gamma president (2013-2014) and beloved friend passed away, following a tragic car accident.  Abilene Christian University along with Omega Gamma and Hispanos Unidos dedicated a tree in her honor. A plaque in front of the Administration Bldg. honors her memory on our campus. 

Omega Gamma's work .......Omega Gamma's Work.......Omega Gamma's Work

Omega Gamma has had 10 Teams of great officers, and twenty Initiation Ceremonies with great speakers and wonderful attendance

Our traditions are the traditions of Sigma Delta Pi National: We have great SDP cakes in each one of our Initiations, our carnations [Spain's flower] and more....

Noche de Tapas: Having fun is also a part of Omega Gamma's way of promoting Spanish Language and Culture...through Noche de Tapas, Movie Nights, Game Nights....etc. Siempre en español!

Omega Gamma: Our story began in the Fall of 2010

El 21 de Octubre quedó establecido el capítulo Omega Gamma de Sigma Delta Pi Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, en la Universidad Cristiana de Abilene, en Abilene, Texas.

Here Dr. Walker, Chapter Adviser and great helpers: Forestine Sumner and Marisue Mayer dubbed  "Friends of Omega Gamma".

Dr. Beatriz Walker brought a Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi to the campus of Abilene Christian University in the Fall of 2010 [with lots of support from the Texas Tech Chapter and from Dr. Mark Del Mastro from SDP National].  Our Chapter Inauguration was planned by Dr. Walker and five great officers: President-Lawson Soward, vice president-Emily Miller, Secretary- Leslie Record, Comm. Officer- Aaron Shaver, Historian- Amanda McAdams. and Abbie Allison. With a great audience who accompanied the first initiated members at our beautiful Chapel on the Hill, the highest point on our campus!