This Summer 2022, Act Your Stage event series was ignited by a Pre-Launch Variety Showcase for RISING STARS, Toronto's freshest talent competition.

All Summer long, our guest judges and audience of friends and peers had the delight of spending many Sunday afternoons and evenings at the Patio Auditions at The Opera House on Queen East, catching patio vibes and soaking up some sun while enjoying live and up-close, sidewalk-friendly comedy and variety entertainment, and selecting their favourite acts to compete as Finalists and Runners-Up for The Final Show-Off competition finals round and a star-studded variety showcase (indoor theatre show at The Don on Danforth, Oct 23, Tickets available soon!)

For the Fall season, we've brought our redemption rounds indoors. We've also added an Online Audition round. First, we were welcomed by The Free Time Cafe on College Street, for Return of the Runners-Up Revenge Round, where we selected even more Finalists! Then, we partied like it Back Street was Back and it was 1997 at Mandy's Bistro on The Danforth for the All-In-To-Win Revenge Round where all those who signed up to compete in the Patio Auditions were invited to return to vie for a Wildcard spot in the FINALS round.

On SUNDAY OCTOBER 23, 2022, at 6pm, our Finalists bring all the energy and momentum we've built up all Summer long and release it all on the stunning theatre stage at The Don on Danforth, at Danforth/Main.

AND THEN, the TOP THREE ACTS from the FINALS round will perform a 5 minute set in the Starlit Variety Showcase (Full star-lit line-up will be announced later this week) on the stage, only the stage lights will sparkle a little more, and the audience lights will dim a little more.

Following the competition and showcase, TO END THE NIGHT, rather than move venues to some exclusive secret after-party loft party or something tedious like that, we decided to let the audience in on the spotlight and share our very same stage in an audience karaoke contest! Sign-up online when purchasing your ticket. Spots are limited. Earlybird tickets will sell quickly. Then the price goes up, and then up, and then and up. We assure you the day's events will be worth more than every dollar you spend. Even still, make sure you catch the deals quickly so you don't miss out on them!

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