Bat VS Ghost

Welcome to Ayub & Abhiram's Game

What is this game about?

This game is about a bat who has to shoot the ghosts with fireballs.


Ayub is 8 years old and Abhiram is 6 years old. Ayub was the one to make the game and Abhi gave feedback and made the game better. It took them four days to make this game. On the first day, they planned their game. On the second day, they started programming it . On the third day, they finally finished the first version of their game and got feedback to make it better. Finally, on the fourth day, they made this web page!

They used a bat character because ghosts come out in the night and so do bats. To earn points, you must throw a fireball at the ghosts.

Ayub said that it was challenging to make the game because it was hard to debug (fixing the problems). They wanted to make a very fun game so that everyone could enjoy it and play it. They are aiming for at least 50 people to try to play this game. They really hope that everyone likes it.

You can play this on any electronic device. On the Ipad, tablet and phone, you will have to use the arrows on your touch screen but on the computer, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

How to play?

  • To shoot, you use the right arrow key
  • To move up, you use the up arrow key
  • To move down, you use the down arrow key
  • To earn points, you must shoot the ghosts. New ghosts will spawn every time you kill them.
  • If you get 30 points, you win the game

how does the game look like?

where to find our game?

Bat vs Ghost

thanks for playing! we hope you enjoyed yourselves! please share this game with all your friends and family! please play it again!!!