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You will become a gigger and you will love it!

Being able to work when and where you want is a hit for those who have tried.

Bokamej Ventures innovates, develops and operates smooth marketplace systems.

We are bullish about the future of the gig-economy. We believe that the gig economy will expand rapidly post Covid. Already strong growth trends are boosted by increased pressure for efficiency among companies. For employees joining a gig platform is a great way to improve household economy, getting a flexible lifestyle and even get paid on the day. If current layoffs are transfered into the gig economy one of the worlds largest industries could be in the making. Once the economy turns around the market will be ready to explode.

Our take will be to further develop our market place platform DJME (Dynamic Jobs Market Engine) and built smooth brands on it .

-SelfieJobs . Your job , your money. Now. Being a top brand among 16-29 year olds in Scandinavia and their favorite choice we see a huge potential to enable smooth gig-jobs nearby where you live, and making a flexible lifestyle possible. Its an all new development and already have some 40 000 users in the database. To utilize its full potential funding or partnerships are essential.

-Jobbis- Jobb i Sverige and the the privatization of Arbetsförmedlingen open up a 2-3 md SEK market. Currently 1000+ users in a Facebook group and a vision to simplify and make job-search available for everyone.

-S|heNanny. In app elderly care. The Swedish government initiates RUT subsidies for elderly care. S|heNanny has the brand, platform and a small user base ready to grow. We want to make elderly care smooth with an ultramodern app based on retention of nearby personell. Launched a bit early 2019 and now being prepared for a trade sale. adress the increased crime in society and has built a Securitas with freelance guards. It also holds crowdsourced advise to avoid being affected of crime at all. See Apps for demo.

-HRick. Your freelance HR Recruiter in the cloud. Launched 2018, a bit early, and now being prepared for re-launch and partnerships alt trade sale.

The company now enters a new exiting phase we welcome new brandpartners, investors, software developers and clients

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Stockholm in February2021

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