See demos of some sample apps below. SelfieJobs is downloaded more then 50 000 times and has had around 10 million page-views per month on the web at its peak 2017.

SelfieJobs .

SelfieJobs targets the age segment 16-29 looking for service sector jobs such as restaurant, hotels or other gigs. It's a very strong brand among young people and has been featured in TV and media in Sweden, Norway and across Europe. The peak load was close to 10 million page-views a month. The all new 2020 version is a pure gig-app. It features an innovative mechanism for booking help where user bypass the chat and instead book right into the calendar after a search is done. Whitepaper exists.

Zfr. Intelligent advice about the security situation in your city or when abroad

Zfr is a map application that enables individuals to navigate their cities and reduce the risk of being affected by petty crime such as theft, pickpocketing, burglary or robbery. Built of Google App engine and Dart with backbone provided by Firebase.

BokaVakt Freelance security guards for home and business

BokaVakt provides affordable security guards for home and office. Based on a concept similar to Airbnb it recruits freelance security and markets them on demand.

S|heNanny targets the household segment with a fresh mapbased gig app. It provides home services such as nanny, cleaning with a simple to use interface. Just one tap on "get help" and a search based on location, schedule and competence yields a list of giggers that can be booked and payed via card or Swish.

HRick (private beta) .

Following the Corona epidemic cloud based solutions are in demand .HRick is built on web 2.0 components such as vue.js

Whitelabel . We can offer our marketplace technology as white label in selected markets and verticals.
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