Esther Artieda

Favorite Quote:

“To know what you know & to know what you don’t know, that’s the true knowledge” (Confucius)

“A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others”


  • Name: Esther Artieda
  • Subjects: AP World History , World History I-II, Model United Nations
  • Years in Education: 40 years

department: Social Studies


  • Degrees: BA. in Sociology/Spanish;-Susquehanna University, Master Degree in Education from Bucknell University , Pa.
  • Certifications: H.S. Social Studies, Pa.
  • Professional training:
  • APWH Workshops in Nevada, Va., Michigan,Texas, Florida
  • AP Reader in World History in Lincoln, NE; Fort Collins, Co.
  • Conferences: Annual World History Conference, N. C., Ca. D.C. & San Jose Costa Rica (presenter on Religious Syncretism)
  • GOA Certificate: from Global Online Education-Mass. USA
  • College Board Workshops/Modules on APWH-Modern- N.J-USA


  • I was born in La Paz, Bolivia & went to Colegio Ingles Catolico (girls school) in LP.
  • I went as a senior exchange student to Bishop MC Devitt H.S. in Pa. (girls school)
  • I attended Susquehanna University in PA. & worked with migrant workers in the area while studying Sociology. I did my Student Teaching in Middleburg, Pa. where my students were the children of farmers in the area and they used to bring me pumpkins, watermelons, strawberries instead of apples for the teacher. During the summers, I worked as a Counselor in Conn. & taught tennis, cannoing, swimming and had fun checking cemeteries some nights,
  • My husband is a medical doctor and works as a hematological in the Hospital Obrero and also holds private practice in his office.
  • I have two children who graduated from ACS: Fernando(36) who is a financial analyst & has a Master's Degree from Lincoln, NE.,Now he works in Washington D.C. & my youngest is 29 who loves cars, motorcycles and has a Mechanics Shop in La Paz & graduated from Simon Bolivar Educational School.
  • Personal interests: Swimming if possible every day, play ping pong, love to travel on the Mamore River in the Reina del Enin in Trinidad, Bolivia twice a year, fish & swim. I also love to drive in Bolivian roads but also enjoy highways in the USA.