carol bedoya

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  • Name: Carol Bedoya
  • Years in Education:

subject: spanish language and culture


  • Degrees:
  • Master's Degree in Communication and Polytical Analysis - CEBEM/Universidad de San Simon La Paz, Bolivia.
  • Bachelor Degree in Literature - UMSA - La Paz, Bolivia
  • Certificate in International Relations - AGSIM - Glendale, Arizona.
  • Certificate in French Language: "Certificate Superieure de Langue et Civilization Francaise" at La Sorbonne - Paris, France.
  • Degree: "Técnico Superior" in English- CBA - La Paz, Bolivia.
  • Diplomas on Spanish Literature, and a diversity of Webinars on Teaching.

  • Professional Experience:
  • 25 years at ACS Calvert - La Paz, Bolivia; 10 years in Early Education and 15 years as Elementary Spanish/SSL.


Being an SSL (Spanish as a Second Language) teacher and a passionate 'life long learner', I have the opportunity to meet students from different parts of the world and greatly appreciate all the cultural diversity they bring to the classroom from which we all benefit. Traveling has been one of my favorite activities in life and I have been fortunate to live in different parts of the world, which is a very helpful aspect when teaching a language.

Other activities I thoroughly enjoy are reading, doing and participating in artistic work of any kind, Tai Chi practice, promoting environment awareness and working on solutions for taking care of it.