Lia aparicio

Favorite Quote:

"It takes a big heart to shape little minds."


  • Name: Lia Aparicio
  • KG 5 Teacher
  • Years in Education: 11

Grade: Kg 5


  • Degrees:
  • Masters on Elementary Education - University of New Jersey (TCNJ)
  • Bachelor's Degree: Business Administration Tourism. Universidad Catolica Boliviana 1995-1999
  • Professional Certification:
  • CPR Training (2018)
  • Sensory Workshop (2018)
  • Balanced Literacy (2017)
  • Teachers College Writers Workshop (June 2017)
  • Professional Training:
    • Day Care Center Top Kids: 1999-2001
    • First Class English learning Center 2003-2006
    • ACS 2007 IA KG2 2006-2007
    • ACS KG3 Teacher 2007-2017
    • ACS KG5 Teacher 2017-


I have been a cougar almost all my life. I have attended Calvert since Kindergarten until I graduated 1995. So excited to be back and now working on staff as a teacher. I am also a proud cougar parent of two lovely kids. My daughter that is in second grade and my son that will be entering school this year. My passion has always been teaching, even though I was not aware of it when I graduated, but have unconsciously been teaching during my life. During my spare time I like dance and spend time with my family and friends. My heart is always at my second home (school) with my other 22 kids whom I learn from every day and adore.