mane castro

Favorite Quote:

“You’re off to great places !

TODAY is your day !

Your MOUNTAIN is waiting.

So … get on your WAY !

-Dr. Seuss


  • Name: Marianela Castro
  • First Grade
  • Years in Education: 23

Grade: First


  • Degrees:
      • BA in Early Childhood Education – Normal Simon Bolivar
  • Certifications:
      • Montessori Training – California
      • Reader's and Writer's Workshop - Teacher's College Columbia University
  • Professional Experience:
      • Montessori School of San Leandro, California (Pre-School and Elementary Spanish teacher)
      • KG5 Cochabamba Cooperative School
      • KG5 American Cooperative School


I am a native Bolivian who has been teaching for 23 years. I was fortunate to work at amazing schools, Montessori School of San Leandro in California, Cochabamba Cooperative School and now ACS La Paz. This school holds a special place in my heart as I not only teach here but have seen my son graduate from this amazing community last year. On my time off I enjoy traveling, specially to places that I can enjoy the sand in my toes and the sound of the waves. I love reading a good book, taking a run and just watching a calming sunset.

Teaching is the biggest part of my life. Seeing my students everyday, their smiling faces and eagerness to learn and explore, inspire me to provide a variety of learning experiences that will captivate and challenge them to become better, lifelong learners. There is nothing better than seeing them have fun and enjoy themselves. I believe that every child is unique and special and I love being a part of their lives.