macarena montero

Favorite Quote:

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”

Malala Yousafzai


  • Name: Macarena Montero
  • First Grade
  • Years in Education: 5

grade: First


  • Degrees:
    • Master's of Education in Elementary Education - DePaul University
    • Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology - University of Arkansas
  • Professional Training and Experience:
      • First grade Teacher (2017-2020)
      • Learning Lab Coach (2016-2017)
      • Little GEMS International: Toddler Classroom (2015-2016)


I was born in La Paz, Bolivia and was a student at ACS from KG4 all the way to 12th grade when I graduated in 2008. I went to Fayetteville Arkansas after I graduated high school and earned a degree in Psychology. After earning my undergraduate degree I came back to Bolivia for one year, where I worked in early childhood education with children who were three and four years old. I decided that teaching was my passion and I moved to Chicago where I earned my master's degree in education. During the length of the masters program, I was required to teach and observe students in different elementary grade levels who came from a variety of backgrounds. This was a very special experience that taught me so much about embracing each child's unique personality. During my student teaching, I also worked with a gifted 3rd grade class. After earning my master's degree, I worked in Chicago for one year at a pre-school with toddler children. I then decided to move back to La Paz and returned to ACS; this time as a staff member! I worked for one year as a Learning Lab Coach where I worked with KG5 and 1st grade students. After a year in ACS, I became a 1st grade teacher and I am currently beginning my fourth year as a 1st grade teacher.

I am very excited and happy to be working at such a great school with amazing coworkers! I love being a teacher and I am grateful to be able to learn from my students as well. It is wonderful to see students learn and grow each day as they discover the world and I am very lucky that I get to be a part of that. I aim to make each day fun and exciting for my students while I create a safe environment where they feel respected and loved.