veronica perez

Favorite Quote:

“ Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better"― Albert Camus


Name: Veronica Perez Sensano

  • Elementary art teacher
  • Activities: Elementary teacher, art studio teacher, illustrator.
  • Years in Education: 9

subject: ART


  • Degrees:
    • Bachelor's degree in Educational Sciences / La Salle University
    • Associate's degree in art / National Art Academy
    • Associate's degrees in pottery / National Art Academy
  • Certifications:
    • Diploma course in Education for Diversity / La Salle University / La Paz
    • Screen printing and Engraving / San Francisco CA
    • Andean Textile Art / Fundacion Cajias / La Paz
  • Professional training:
    • 2016 Implementing the new NAEA art standards / online course. AOE University
    • 2017 Standard based grading / Sue Easton / La Paz
    • 2019 NAEA Natinal Convention / Boston Ma. USA
    • 2020 Teaching K-12 art online online course. AOE University


I was born in San Luis Obispo , California, and I lived in La Paz since I was 2 years old.

I studied Art and Education. Before finishing my degree in Education, I opened an art workshop for children where I started giving extra curricular art classes. This experience gave me the chance to be part of the ACS community, I've been teaching Elementary Art for 4 years in ACS.

In my spare time I love to travel with my Husband and dog, we like to go to different places around Bolivia. The perfect compliments to these are eating local food and music.

I'm the daughter of an art teacher, so i've been painting my whole life. When It was time to decide what to do professionally I didn't hesitate to choose teaching Art like my mom, it is what it makes me happy and complete.