West Road Band

Are you here to sign up for an instrument for the 2022-2023 school year? Welcome! Please fill out our Google Form!

Welcome to our West Road Band Family! We are so glad you are here. Whether this is the first time you’ve ever played an instrument, or whether you already have some experience, there is a place for everyone in our group.

Being a part of the West Road Band is not only about making music, but it’s also about building a community. The West Road Band is a warm and welcoming environment where all students are valued. Our shared visions and focused goals inspire self-confidence and encourage teamwork. Our band members strive to always be their best selves, both in and out of the classroom.

Stay tuned for updates (posted below) and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

  • Our 5th Grade Full Band Rehearsals are every Monday and Thursday so please make sure to bring your instruments and music on those days. Some of you also need your instrument and music on Fridays for lessons.

  • 4th Grade Full Band rehearsals will start on February 3rd and we will meet every Thursday. Please make sure you bring your instruments and music on Thursdays. Some of you also need your instrument and music on Tuesdays for lessons.

See you soon!