ACS Return to Campus Plan


Guiding Principles

  1. Prioritize health, safety, and wellbeing of students, faculty, and staff.

  2. Prioritize face-to-face learning over remote learning whenever it is safe to do so.

  3. Act with fidelity to the ACS Mission and Core Values.

  4. Promote practices and policies to reduce risk of virus transmission.

  5. Develop processes and procedures for agility when facing changing health circumstances and governmental decisions.

ACS Reopening Model

In compliance with the ADEK Private School Reopening Policies and Guidelines, on-campus learning at ACS differs by division due to class sizes, complexity of schedules and educational needs:

Elementary School students Grades KG1 to 5 are on campus daily with the ability to experience breaks for recess and outdoor activities.

Middle School and High School students Grades 6-8 and 9-12 alternate their time on campus and in remote learning.

Elementary School Schedule

On Campus

Middle School Schedule


(Mix of remote and on-campus learning)

High School Schedule


(Mix of remote and on-campus learning)