ISST D2 Boys Soccer Championships

On behalf of the ACS Athens Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, students, and parents, it is with distinct pleasure that I welcome you to the Division 2 ISST Boys’ Soccer Tournament.

As individual student athletes the hard work that you have put into preparing yourselves is exemplary. More importantly however, it is the team effort that empowers you to succeed and leave a mark both for yourself and your school. The ISST Tournament is your opportunity to bring athletic skill and sportsmanship together towards a common vision. Step forth with the courage of a successful athlete and the pride of an accomplished individual.

We are delighted to welcome you to Athens, and look forward to the opportunity to know you and learn about your own school and country. The diversity among you is the cornerstone of a strong community. Meanwhile, though your stay will be short, be sure to take this opportunity to enjoy the hospitality and culture surrounding you.

We wish you an enjoyable and successful ISST Soccer Championship.

Dr. Peggy Pelonis

Acting President

ACS Athens

The Athletic Department of ACS Athens welcomes you to Athens, our school and the AFC Football facility. We are all very excited about hosting this event. We hope that you will enjoy the competition as well as any cultural and social opportunities you may have.

Take this opportunity to compete in good spirit and to meet new friends. Remember, you are all here to compete under good sportsmanship rules and we hope that you will consider this experience a positive one for you.

We are looking forward to a great soccer tournament.

Best of luck to all!


Annie Constantinides

Director of Athletics