AcroEdge Corporation specializes on the development, manufacturing, and sale of analytical instruments.

UV curing sensor: Curea

A non-contact, non-destructive measurement of a cured state. Since measurement can be performed without touching the sample... (read more)

Resin cure shrinkage stress measuring device: Custron

Continue measuring the shrinkage rate and shrinkage stress due to curing of UV curing resin, thermosetting resin, UV adhesive, etc... (read more)

Surface reforming state sensor: Luminus

Determine the surface reforming state of plasma, corona, and frame treatments. With the measurement sensitivity increased ten times... (read more)

Tensile testing machine: T-MAC

This ultra-small and compact tensile testing machine can measure the static strength of polymers such as films, rubbers, fibers, etc. Its lightweight, portable, and... (read more)

Ultraviolet irradiation device: Uvira

Obtain a maximum ultraviolet (UV) energy at optimum wavelength. With its efficient and customized water cooling system, it allows different modified design such as... (read more)

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