AMS Rocks!

Kindness Rocks made by students at Amherst Middle School

Congrats! You found one of our rocks!

This rock was made by one of our middle school students in their art class as part of the "Kindness Rocks Project". Please take a picture of your rock, send the picture to and tell us where you found it so we can put the image on our website and show our students how and where their rocks were able to spread kindness in our community!

Once you take a picture of it and send it to the email address, what you do with the rock is up to you! You could keep it, re-hide it or make some of your own to join the Kindness Rocks Project!

The "Kindness Rocks Project" is a nation (and even world!)- wide movement where individuals paint positive images or words onto rocks and leave them in public places for strangers to find. The idea behind the project is that the rocks can reach out to spread positivity and kindness to people that the rock painter might not ever come in contact with, and in turn causes a ripple affect of random acts of kindness in communities around the world.

Amherst Middle School joined the movement this year by having students paint rocks in art class, then the rocks were hidden by teachers in and around Amherst County to help brighten the days of members of our community and teach our students how small acts of kindness and words of positivity can have a big impact on the world!


Found behind a handicap sign in Lynchburg

Found in a Walmart Parking lot

Found in the Amherst Food Lion Parking lot

Found in the dollar tree parking lot

Found outside the Amherst CVS

Found in the Amherst Food Lion Parking Lot

These were found near the Amherst Food Lion

Found in the Elon area by country corner

Found in Fisherville VA

Found at the Post Office after it was first found by Food Lion and rehidden!