The Budget Organizing Tool

Welcome to the Team Organizing Tool!

The tools here are designed to make your experience learning about and organizing around the WI State Budget as easy and enjoyable as possible. We did everything we could to put all the resources you need right here. Here's a quick synopsis of how you should use it. You can go to the other tools in this site by clicking the 3 horizontal lines at the top left of the page. Here is what they do.

This page will be where we post information about the legislature, Joint Finance Committee and related individuals and/or otherwise info that you can use to stragetize tactics for you local team.

Once you and your team members have decided on your team name and roles, tell us here so we can help you track your progress and events.

This is where you will make the events you've planned 'official' by submitting them to be placed on the statewide calendar. After the event is complete, this is also where you will report what happened. (Things like how many people you expected vs how many showed up or how many volunteers you recruited for you next event)

This is where you can view your teams progress to goal vs other teams statewide. Friendly competition is always a good thing, your team might even win something ; )

This is the place you submit ANY questions you may have related to the state budget or our organizing around it. If you keep it simple we should be able to get back to you in 24 hours. We'll post the answer here as well.

This is the place we will post ALL of the training materials, videos, and presentations so you can reference them any time you need to.

If there's anything you wanna see us add to this tool, just let us know. Now let's go get this victory!!!