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Making North County Cleaner

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Do you know what Giving Tuesday, November 28th is all about? The name should be a giveaway but to those who have not been involved in this movement should consider doing so: a day that encourages people to do good.

We at A Cleaner North County strive to do good in our duties that we have committed to fulfilling to North County, and specifically, Fallbrook, which is our home. Visit our Facebook Page for what we do or look around our website and donate - it helps us continue the fight of keeping our Friendly Village environmentally safe - where we live, work, and play.



Check out our article in the Village News  for more about this milestone!

A Cleaner North County is a participant of San Diego Gives 2023.  See our project below!

You can donate through San Diego Gives by using this link! 

San Diego Day of Giving: painting the mausoleum of the Oceanview Cemetery!

In August of 2023 A Cleaner North County helped paint the mausoleum of the Oceanview Cemetery in Oceanside. We had been there numerous times due to the build up of trash and had noticed the cemetery and especially the mausoleum was a target for tagging and defacement. A Cleaner North County stepped up to give the mausoleum a fresh coat of paint provided by Greg Morones, general manager of Eternal Hills who owns the cemetery and Mountain Mike's who provided lunch for our hard working volunteers

Making a Difference

We are committed to changing the world we live in for the better

Building Our Community

We are comprised of members of the community who meet regularly to remove trash from areas where the county and other organizations do not necessarily focus their efforts.

Cleaning Our Waterways

Trash on the road is pushed by rain and wind into our water ways and sewers

Until the Work is Done

The work is never done until people decide to make a change

Our Mission

We are a team dedicated to conservation and maintaining the natural beauty of North County

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