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That's me on the right. I'm posing with my favorite historian, Garry Adelman of the American Battlefield Trust. He's as funny as he is smart! 

I have several ancestors who fought in the US Civil War. One of my great-great grandfathers fought at the Battle of Bentonville, NC in 1865. I got to visit that battlefield in 2019 and see the spot where his unit fought. The house in this picture was used as a field hospital on the battlefield. It still has blood stains on the floor.

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My Husband Tony and me in Alaska in 2018

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American History

Modern World History

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American Government

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One of my favorite historical subjects is the American Civil War. Unfortunately, I don't teach it at ACE Academy because it is covered in 8th grade...but I'll talk about it with you any time! 

I really enjoy the study of World War Two. You will learn about it from the U.S. perspective in American History B and from the world perspective in Modern World History B. (This is a door from the USS Arizona. Not sure if that means anything to you.  I hope so.)

I am a child of the Cold War. I was born about a month after the Cuban Missile Crisis. I never thought I would see the end of the Cold War in my lifetime...but I did. That's not to say that we have a great relationship with our former Cold War opponents...but the Soviet Union is no more, and neither is the Berlin Wall.