What if there was an innovative way to make glasses more comfortable to wear?

Our product was made to make wearing glasses more comfortable and less painful.

When you place the product on the hinges of your eye wear, it will prevent your hair from getting stuck!

Our Jingle Video! (with lyrics)

Vocals by: Caitlin Hinde (Shown in Video) & Emma Tommell (Not Shown in Video)

Jingle Written by: Matthew Curtiss

Video Edited by: Hailey Pasinski


Behind the Scenes, Pictures and More on our Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/silislips_tems/?hl=en


Our Commercial

Our one-minute commercial!

Our Commercial (with subtitles)

Director: Hailey Pasinski

Camera People: Jenifer Nava and Linh Tran

Lead Actress: Leslie Ruiz

Figments of her Imagination: Emma Tommell, Caitlin Hinde, Matthew Curtiss, and Amanda Phoummavong