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Core Legal Principles

These are the fundamental legal principles that comprise our representation model.

Please ask questions about these principles in the confidential forum. We review the forum regularly.


Hancock.Law clients generally authorize the firm to share their representation information with other clients and with prospective clients. Identifying information is always redacted.

The most recent update for clients of Hancock.Law.

Your timeshare purchase did not involve a loan of money. See for yourself.

Without a loan of money, the developer has to prove damages. The developer cannot secure a judgment for the amount on the face of the promissory note unless the promissory notes obligates the repayment of a loan of money.

I filed a demand for arbitration on behalf of a client at 11:41 on July 8. Less than three hours later, the client received an offer of a full refund from Reed Hein.

The Court recently ordered Ardent employee Jeremy Wang to submit to a second deposition, at which he will be ordered to answer questions about his communications with Ardent owners William Weinstein and Colin George, and with Ardent employees. He will also have to answer questions about his communications with lawyer Spencer Hall.

Several motions and depositions are available at this page.