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Info to Know

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Selecting Courses

ACA Staff can access three types of courses:

  • Required Compliance Courses are usually offered during August Professional Development Days. Required Compliance Courses must be completed. Each course listing shows who is required to complete that specific course as well as the deadline for completion. All Required Courses except the Compliance courses from ESC 11 earn Flex Time for Exempt Staff. A returning teacher who completes all required courses by July 31, 2020 will have 11 hours of Flex Time. Exempt employees who do not complete Required Compliance Courses by July 31st, no matter how many other hours of Flex Time earned, will be required to attend the Compliance sessions on August PD Days. Nonexempt Staff will complete all applicable courses, including ESC 11 Compliance courses, during regular work hours when they return.

  • Flex Time-Eligible Optional Courses: Flex Time Courses are those choice courses usually offered during August Professional Development Days. Exempt Staff may choose to complete these courses over the summer and have more in-classroom work time in August. Exempt Staff who have completed all required courses but choose not to complete any additional Flex Time courses in June/July must attend Professional Development sessions in August on the designated Flex Days (6 hours). Exempt Staff can earn up to 18 hours/3 days* of Flex Time Credit. Flex Time-Eligible Courses must be completed no later than July 31, 2020 for Flex Time Credit.

(*This is subject to change based upon future State guidance.)

  • ACA Master Teacher Courses: These courses are opportunities for Professional Learning that can be accessed at any time during the 2020 Summer or 2020-2021 School Year. The free courses support teacher professional growth in the values that define ACA teachers and the unique education ACA provides. Hours/credits can count toward personal TTESS goals and/or certificate renewal hours. These courses are NOT eligible for Flex Time.

More Master Teacher course offerings for Science, Social Studies, Core Knowledge, Fine Arts, Electives, and Middle School subjects are in the works! This page will be updated all year. The ASH staff welcomes collaboration in preparation and delivery of these courses and will ask for input throughout the year.

The Course Catalog can be found on the other pages of this site.

Registering for Courses

Course Registration Information is provided in the Course Catalog.

  • Most courses will require registration in Frontline, using the same Frontline login information used to access Absence Management. A step-by-step login guide will be linked here soon!

  • Some courses will have alternative registration processes. These will be detailed in the Course Catalog.

*Courses will be posted in Frontline no later than one week before the Course Opening Date.*

Documenting Course Completion

Courses in Frontline:

Frontline will track participation.

Courses not in Frontline:

Documentation instructions will be provided in the Course Catalog.