Course Description

By attending this course you will be ready and capable of creating your first ROS package and integrate it with other ROS packages. You can write your packages in one or more of the supported languages like C++ and python and integrate their functions seamlessly. Moreover, you will be able to run simulations and visualize the results of your sensors using Gazebo and Rviz. Join us NOW to introduce yourself to the top-notch robotics framework.

This course prepares you to "ROS-Getting to work" course.


  • Pre-ROS Essentials OR
  • Being familiar with the Linux environment and have ROS installed on your computer

ALL attendees need to have their laptops brought with them to the training sessions

Course Topics:

  • ROS Computational graph
  • ROS nodes and topics
  • Turtle sim
  • Code compilation process
  • ROS build tool and package creation
  • Node Writing
  • Simulation using gazebo and URDF files
  • Adding Sensors to a simulated robot
  • Sensor measurement visualization using RViz

Fees: LE1500 (Get 20% discount for registering before 5th of June 2019)

Instructor: Eng. Muhammad Asem

Schedule: Friday and Saturday 21&22 June 2019, 16:00 to 22:00 (Total 12 hours)

Venue: Makanak, Maadi

Class Size: MAX 15 learners


Makanak - Technology Village

Building No. 11G/4 El-Laselky, New Maadi,

In front of Gate 3 Technology Village

HotLine: 01200002092


  • Attending the course
  • Course Material - Electronic
  • Coffee breaks with refreshments and snacks
  • Certificate of attendance accredited by Andromeda Publishing and Academic Services (UK)

Course accredited by: