Aerospace Engineering History

Some questions you should be able to answer!

  • Why is it not easy to create human powered aircraft?
  • How do, most, birds fly?
  • What is the significance of Sir George Cayley in the development of the modern aircraft?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of lighter than air flight?
  • The importance of wind tunnels in aerodynamic design development
  • Why were biplanes and tri-planes developed in the first place?
  • What is the main difference between solid and liquid rocket fuel?
  • How do jets work?

Other stuff you need to know about!

  • Amphibian aircraft!
  • Micro air vehicles
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Solar powered aircraft
  • Helicopters!
  • Space shuttle ans space station
  • Mars exploration

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History of Aerospace Engineering

Man Power & Ornithopter

Can man really fly?

Learn about very early history of flight

Gliders and Air Ships

How does the wing fly?

Can you "float"?

Learn about the early stages of flight - 19th Century

Early Twentieth Century

What did the Wright Brothers really do?

Learn about the Red Barron!

WW II, Jets , and Supersonic Flight

How did World War II affect Aerospace Engineering?

What Jet Aircraft Does?

Faster that Sound!?


When were rockets invented?

War, war, and more Aerospace Engineering!

Space Exploration

Going to the Moon, or would you prefer Mars?

Space Shuttle and Beyond!

Space Shuttles ... Experience and Disaster!

Space Tourism, interested?

How about sending a Robot to Mars?

Future and Present

What can be done?

Is the future living with me today?

How about Playing with Aerospace Engineering?