Bracketing Methods

In most practical problems, the solution of such an equation lies in a range that is determined by physical constraints or by an educated guess. For example, if you are trying to solve a relation for my body mass, knowing that I am a human adult, my mass will never be negative, physical constraint, almost impossible to be less than 20 kg and will not exceed 300 kg. Of course, a good approximation would be the average human mass, around 75 kg, but we are interested, in this section, in a range of values in which the solution may be. This range is called bracket.

What you should expect to learn in this lesson:

  • What are open methods?
  • How the bisection method works?
  • Writing a simple program to use the bisection method
  • What is the False Position Method?


Bisection Method

Bisection Algorithm

Bisection Example

Bisection Program

Code for the bisection method, may be downloaded from GitHub through this link.

The False Position Method

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