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APA Mission Statement

The mission of AcadeMir Preparatory Academy is to provide students with a well-rounded elementary-school education, through a challenging program, focused on mathematics and science using innovative, reform-based instructional methods in a stimulating and nurturing environment that fosters maximum student achievement.

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Upcoming Events:

October 2nd - 4th Grade PARENT meeting @6pm in CAFE

Oct. 2nd - Scholastic BookFair Night 6pm

Oct. 8th - Chuck E' Cheese 3p-9p

Oct. 9th - Teacher Planning Day - NO School

Oct. 9th - K-8 - Open House 9am-1pm appointments only

Oct. 11 - Hispanic Heritage Night 6-8PM

Oct. 15th - School Pictures GALA

Oct. 21-24th - Red Ribbon Spirit Week

Oct. 25th - Teacher Planning Day - NO School(end of grading period)

Next Month:Nov. 4th - NO SchoolNov. 11th - Holiday NO SchoolNov. 15th - 4th Grade Field-Trip Payments are DUENov. 16 - Fall FestivalNov. 27, 28, & 29th ~ Holiday NO SCHOOL

Teacher's Emails:

Ms. Borges (Math): kborges@academirpreparatoryacademy.com

Mrs. Garcia (Science and Social Studies): mgarcia44@academirpreparatoryacademy.com

Ms. Guerra (ELA): eguerra@academirpreparatoryacademy.com

Remind Code (for announcements ONLY): @apa4grade (Text Phone #: 81010 Message: @apa4grade)

SCHOOL: InstaGram @academirprepmiddle

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Showing regard for the worth and dignity of someone or something, being courteous and polite, and judging all people on their merits. Respect takes three major forms: respect for oneself, respect for other people, and respect for all forms of life and the environment.



Thinking before you act and being accountable for your actions, paying attention to others, and responding to their needs. Responsibility emphasizes our positive obligations to care for each other.



Helping create a society based upon democratic values including rules of law, equality of opportunity, due process, reasoned argument, representative government, checks and balances, rights and responsibilities and democratic decision-making.



Treating people impartially not playing favorites, being open-minded, and maintaining an objective attitude towards those whose actions and ideas are different from our own.



Doing your best with the talents you have, striving toward a goal and not giving up.



Being sympathetic, helpful, compassionate, benevolent, agreeable and gentle toward people and other living things.



Working together toward goals as basic as human survival in an increasingly interdependent world.



Dealing truthfully with people, being sincere, not deceiving them or stealing from them, not cheating or lying.



Standing up for your beliefs about what is right and what is wrong and resisting social pressure to do wrong.

AcadeMir Schools will follow the lead of Miami-Dade County Public Schools with regard to the closing and re-opening of school due to weather emergencies. We ask our AcadeMir family to stay tuned to their local news broadcasts. If Miami-Dade County Public Schools close because of a hurricane and/or tropical storm, AcadeMir Schools will close as well.