Dear Parent/Guardian:

As part of our emergency preparedness efforts, AcadeMir Charter Schools has been in close communication with the school district and local agencies regarding plans and contingencies regarding the current Coronavirus pandemic and threat to Miami-Dade County. In the event that it is necessary to close school(s), AcadeMir Charter Schools are ready for school closures. If this occurs, the school will make every effort to ensure that your child’s educational opportunities continue uninterrupted while at home. If schools should close, we have developed a comprehensive collection of online content and digital resources that your child can access. However, we realize that some students may not have access at home to a personal computer, laptop, or tablet; therefore, part of our planning efforts will also provide paper based resources that can be used in order for instruction to continue.

At this time, the schools will be creating a school website to help students transition to virtual learning from home. This link will be posted on the schools’ main AcadeMir Charter Schools home page and on the child’s classroom website pages. If your child encounters difficulty accessing the site they can communicate with their classroom teachers via Google classroom or teacher emails. All students have been provided a sheet of site specific usernames and passwords for student to have access to their assigned curriculum. Please ensure that your child completes all required assignments to minimize loss of instructional time. Be advised that assignments will be graded upon their return to school.

Please keep in mind that all decisions will be made with the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and the community in mind. We are asking that everyone be flexible as we will be updating parents and guardians with any changes and/or closures as determined by the CDC or the school district. The transition to remote learning will require your cooperation and patience. Thank you in advance for your cooperation for more information please visit us at:

Virtual Education Site



Dedicated website at

Miami Dade County Public School has set up an Emergency Operations Hotline where parents can call if they have any questions. Phone Number: 305-995-3000. Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

In addtion each school will be answering calls between the hours of 9am - 2pm

ACSP: 305-964-7542 or 786-471-8488

ACSM/APA: 305-967-8492 or 786-474-3864

ACSW: 305-485-9911 or 786-505-7903

Ongoing social media messaging

Due to unanticipated school closures caused by the coronavirus, many of the school districts will be offering meals to all children 18 and under.

Please view the link below for resources on what locations will be serving meals in your area that you can bring your child to for a meal. Some mobile routes will also be available; as indicated on the website below.

Please note: Meals will only be served during unanticipated closures. If the school was scheduled for spring break, meals will not be served during this time.

Locations of meal distribution centers;

For more information, please FDACS Information Page;

All School Facilities will be closed.

All buildings will be on disinfection protocol.

For any questions regarding facilities please e-mail your child’s teacher and they will route it to the appropriate personal.

Student Expectation (Kindergarten – 1st Grade)

  1. Student will visit each subject area teachers’ website to view lesson (Click on your child's school below to access teachers web page)

  2. Complete the required daily posted assignments

  3. Log into iReady and complete 1 lesson per day (1 Math and 1 Reading)

* Student work packets will be collected upon students return to school

Student Expectation (2nd Grade – 8th Grade)

  1. Student will visit each subject area teachers’ website

  2. Complete the required daily posted assignments

  3. Submit completed assignments daily by 3:30 PM

Click on your child's school below to access your child's teachers web page.





HOTLINE: 305-995-3000