Mrs. Salgueiro's First Grade Class


Important Information:

Week of February 18th:

Monday 2/18: Presidents' Day! No school!

Tuesday 2/19: World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser begins!

Wednesday 2/20: Sweets and treats sale $1! Lick Nitrogen ice cream family night 2-8pm!

Friday 2/22: $1 jean day! $1 pizza sale!


  • Tuesday is PE uniform day for first grade.
  • Friday is jean day and students who wear jeans must bring in $1 unless they paid for the jean bundle.
  • Check red folders DAILY!
  • Check and sign agendas Friday and return on Monday.
  • We are a peanut free school. Please do not send anything containing peanuts in your child's lunch.
  • Wednesday is early release day and first grade is released at 2:00 pm.



i-Ready Reading 45 minutes (by Sunday Night)

Top MyOn user for the week will receive 5 Tiger Bucks

Week of February 18th:

Monday: Practice book page 212 & Spelling Tic Tac Toe (one activity)

Tuesday: Practice book pages 215-217 & Spelling Tic Tac Toe (one activity)

Wednesday: Practice book pages 218-220 & Spelling Tic Tac Toe (one activity)

Thursday: Review for Friday's quizzes and test!

Friday: Reading Test, Grammar Test (conjunctions), Spelling Quiz (r controlled vowel-ar), & Vocabulary Quiz

ELA Weekly Skills:

Comprehension Strategy: Make and Confirm Predictions

Comprehension Skill: Point of View

Reading Genre: Fantasy

Writing Trait: Sentence Fluency

Grammar: Words that join and capitalize proper nouns

Spelling Words: R controlled vowel (ar)

  1. cart
  2. harm
  3. barn
  4. chart
  5. arm
  6. smart
  7. art
  8. charge
  9. yarn
  10. sharp

Quiz Friday!

Sight Words:

1. four


3. none

4. only

5. put

6. round

Vocabulary Words:

distinguish: to understand the difference between two or more people, animals or things

classify: to sort or decide what group something belongs in

entire: whole or complete

organize: to arrange things a certain way

startled: when something suddenly surprises you

trouble: when you have problems doing something

whole: something that is complete, nothing is missing

Quiz Friday!



(Math i-Ready 45 minutes completed by Sunday night)

Top Reflex User for the week will be awarded 5 Tiger Bucks


  • pages 207-208



  • chapter 10 test
  • reflex math


  • pages 227-228


We are continuing Unit 6: Motion. As we get closer to the test, they will take home a practice test. But until then attached are the pages we will be going over in their science book. Please feel free to use this as a reference to review.

Unit 6 test will be on Wednesday, February 20th.

Unit 6 Motion.pdf

Social Studies

For Social Studies we will begin to learn about seven special holidays; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving.

Attached you'll find a document (special holidays) you may use this to review and study. The students must know what month each holiday is in for their test (example: February Presidents’ Day)

Holidays Quiz: Thursday February 21st

Holidays Test: Friday February 22nd

Special Holidays.pdf