Mrs. Fuentes' and Mrs. Rossi's 4th Grade Class

Welcome to 4th grade!

This year as a fourth grade student, you will extend your all around knowledge of math, reading, writing, and all sciences while thinking, creating, and improving as an engineer. We are very excited to be your teachers this year and we wish you the most success as we embark on this journey and soar to new heights together!

Please use this website to read daily/weekly updates from Mrs. Rossi and Mrs. Fuentes. You may click on any tab at the top to navigate through your subject areas and view school announcements, class reminders, assignment due dates, as well as links to other important websites, such as iReady and MyOn.

Along with daily homework assignments, students are required to complete at least 45 minutes per week of iReady for each core subject, Reading and Math.

Feel free to contact us via email any time may you have any questions, comments, or concerns, and remember to keep yourself updated through Remind! :)

Yours truly,

Mrs. Rossi and Mrs. Fuentes


Hispanic Heritage will be in the month of October. Fourth Grade has been assigned Spain. We are accepting food, costume, and decorations that represent Spain's culture. We are also in need of volunteers for this event. If you are interested, please email Mrs. Rossi or Mrs. Fuentes at or

We truly appreciate all your help!

Mrs. Fuentes & Mrs. Rossi

Hispanic Heritage Day- Spain

Please visit this website to sign-up for donations at:

****Hispanic Heritage Day will be October 12th, 2018. ***


For Hispanic Heritage Day, Ms. Rodriguez is asking for recyclable items to create musical instruments. The items are:

  • bottle caps
  • empty tissue box(es)
  • rubber bands
  • pencils
  • wrapping paper
  • colored or printed tape

** The students have Music twice a week, therefore it is important that they bring these items in order for them to participate.

Thank you for your help and support! - Mrs. Fuentes & Mrs. Rossi

Students running for Student Council Representative: (Elections will be on Wednesday, October 3rd)

  • Students are to work on a speech that will convince their fellow classmates why they would make the best Student Council Representative. Students may also bring posters, flyers, candy or bagged treats to run their campaign.

Duties of a Class Representative:

  • attends all Student Council meetings
  • brings the ideas, interests, and concerns of his/her classmates to the meetings
  • reports back to the homeroom class and buddy class regarding what was decided at a meeting
  • serves on committees
  • encourages other students to get involved in Student Council activities
  • provides volunteer service during select school events
  • helps the community around them