Second Grade Class

Week of November 11, 2019

Vocabulary Word of the Week: assign- v. to give someone or something a certain job or duty.

STEM Vocabulary Word of the Week: evolve- v. to develop, change, or improve by steps.

What are we learning?


Chapter 5: 2-Digit Subtraction

The students will develop fluency with subtraction within 100 and solve subtraction problems within 1,000.

Vocabulary Words:

  • difference
  • addend
  • digit
  • tens
  • ones
  • regroup


How can we compare volume and how do we measure the mass of an object?

The students will be able to measure and compare the volume of liquids and use the practice of science to question, observe, measure, investigate, and communicate the properties of matter.

Vocabulary Words:

  • matter
  • properties
  • solid
  • liquid
  • gas
  • texture
  • water vapor
  • weight
  • mass
  • measure

Social Studies

What are ways immigrants affected Native Americans? What did I learn in Unit 2?

The students will be able to show their understanding in the Unit 2 Native Americans review game and test.

Vocabulary Words:

  • adobe
  • desert
  • levels
  • materials
  • natural resources
  • potlatch
  • pueblo
  • totem pole
  • turquoise

Math Resources

Math Instructional Video

Chapter 5 Lessons 1-11

2019-10-25 12-52.pdf

Chapter Review

K-6 Think Central

Students have their K-6 think central login cards stapled to their agendas. This gives them access to their math textbook pages, as well as interactive activities for each lesson. In "My Library" they can use enrich book, intervention book, animated math models, and/or interactive student edition to practice the lessons.

Science Resources

unit 5.pdf
what are properties of matter.pdf
what are solids,liquids,gases.pdf
Unit 5 Review.pdf

Unit 5 Vocabulary Review

Social Studies Resources

Unit 2.pdf

Unit 2 Textbook pages

2019-09-23 07-36.pdf

Unit 2 Test Review

Unit 2 Quiz Review.pdf

Unit 2 Vocabulary Review


I-Ready (Math): Students need to complete 45 minutes of I-Ready Math by the end of the week. The week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday at 11:59pm. Students can chose when to do I-Ready, as long as they complete those 45 minutes for that week. I will check I-Ready progress Monday mornings for completion of the 45 minutes.

Reflex Math: Is not mandatory, it is homework whenever it is assigned on the day of. However!! It is HIGHLY recommended and beneficial for the students to do it, because it helps them with their fact fluency.





Math- Lesson 5.10 pages 375 & 376


Math- Lesson 5.11 pages 381 & 382

Study for Social Studies test

Study for Science Quiz


Math- Study for Math test


Math- Reflex Math/iReady


Math Homework will be collected every Monday.

The homework pages will be attached to their in-class textbooks. Unfortunately, they cannot take those books home. Therefore, students will rip out each week's homework on Mondays, and will do the homework pages that are assigned on each day. The homework for that week will then be due the following Monday. Example: Monday 8/19 students will take home the homework pages for Monday-Friday, then they will have to turn in those pages the following Monday 8/26. ** And the cycle starts again.

Upcoming Tests:

Math- Chapter 5 test (this week)

Friday November 15th




Social Studies- Unit 2 Test (this week)

AM: Thursday November 14th

PM: Friday November 15th

Upcoming Quizzes:


Science- Lesson 1 what are properties of matter? and Lesson 3 what are solids, liquids, and gases? quiz (this week)

AM: Friday November 15th

PM: Thursday November 14th

Social Studies-



Event/Daily Reminders!!

Monday- NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday- last day to buy harvest festival tickets

Wednesday- $1 Sweets and treats

Thursday- last day for canned food drive

Friday- K-5th harvest pictures

Saturday- Harvest festival