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I will be available EVERY Monday and Wednesday, from 9:30-10:30 in case you need help.

When you log in to your email, In the top right click on calendar. There, you will find our office hours. You can click on it and choose an appointment time for one on one help.

Blue Team

I will be available EVERY Tuesday and Thursday, from 9:00-9:30 for office hours appointments. Check your calendars.

Our novel studies will be at 10:30-11am. Please see agenda for the day to access MEET code.

3rd Grade Testing Dates.pdf
3rd Grade Testing Dates (Spanish).pdf
YT Workbook.pdf

This is the digital version of your workbook!

**You are to use your actual workbook whenever possible.**

Just in case you are ABSENT or LOSE your homework pages, you may PRINT the page(s) that you need. Check the page numbers carefully before you print.

Please check student agendas DAILY!

*Refer to student agenda's for most up to date HW assignments. HW is subject to change.

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