Mr. Gonzalez's

5th Grade

Math, Science, and Social Studies

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Week of: 10/15

Math : Chapter 3- Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Science: Unit 4 The Water Cycle/ Weather/ Climate

Social Studies: The first native AMERICANS

Values Matter: Responsibility

Week of: 10/15


Ch. 3 Decimal Addition and Subtraction

Monday: Lessons 3.11 & 3.12 ODDTuesday: CHAPTER 3 EXTRA PRACTICE ODDWednesday: None Thursday: 4.1 ODDFriday: 4.2 ODD

Chapter 3 Test on Wednesday 10/17


**45 minutes of i-Ready due Monday.

** I-ready - 45 mins a week**

**Reflex 15 mins a week** Get the green light!


Unit 4 The Water Cycle

Essential Question: Lesson 1 - What is the water cycle?Lesson 3 - How do we measure weather?Lesson 4 - How Do Weather Patterns Help Us Predict Weather?Lesson 6 - What Factors Affect Climate?
HOT Questions: Lesson 1 -1. What role does the sun play in our water cycle?2. Why is water considered a renewable resource?Lesson 3 - Lesson 3 - What factors help us describe weather?Homework: Lesson 3 Braincheck Pgs. 185 & 186 due Friday (10/19)

Reminders: Lesson 1 Quiz Monday (10/15)

Vocabulary Unit 4

Atmosphere, Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, The water cycle, Runoff, Groundwater, Anemometer, Hygrometer, Barometer, Weather, Humidity


Answer Lesson 1 & 3 EQsScrapbook all BrainchecksDefine ALL vocabulary from Unit 3

Upcoming Events!

  • *FIU Family Football Night October 20th.
  • *Formulate Hypothesis for science fair project and cite three resources by October 19th.